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About our Cameras


We take pride in each camera rebirth; up to 4 hours of cleaning, and care goes into each camera restoration . Whether you’re interested in a Standard, Deluxe or Premium Model, all cameras pass the same rigorous quality testing before we invest the time and effort into restoration. See Details tab for all the steps we take with each model.

This camera will produce a wide range of images depending on film type and techniques used. With older, expired Polaroid brand films it will produce dreamy color-shifted photos. Using new modern Fuji brand films the clarity and quality will surprise even the most die-hard digital fans. With the 114mm f/8.8 3-element glass lens, the depth of field will be pleasing at portrait distances, and clear enough further away to produce great scenery photos.
Our Rechargeable battery embodies the core of what makes a camera unique; the most advanced power system ever put in an antique camera. Our rechargeable power system is a drop in replacement for the original 532 and 532 batteries. We use LiFePO4 batteries that are the latest evolution of Lithium battery technology. With a shelf life of over a year between charges, be confident your camera will take a photo when you ask it to.
Many AAA replacement modifications require cutting and removing plastic from the inside of the battery box. Our battery system snaps right into the existing battery holder. We don’t cut out any plastic or modify the body in any way, the battery fits right into the existing battery box. We do add a quick disconnect coupler to the wiring so that if the need for you to remove the battery ever arose, it would be quick and simple.

LiFePo4 Battery: A modern solution to an old problem specializes in creating high quality, fully restored instant cameras. At the core of every one of our cameras lies rechargeable battery technology. Utilizing Lithium Iron Phosphate (LifePo4) batteries provides the advantages that are truly necessary for this type of camera.

Polaroid pack film cameras use power in two places; the light sensor and the magnetic shutter. Power draw from these two systems is low enough that the original battery can last a year or more with normal usage.  Most normal rechargeable batteries have a full charge shelf life of less than 3 months. This means that you’d have to recharge your camera even if you didn’t use it for a few months.

LiFePo4 technology does not contain any heavy metals and does not exhibit the “memory effect” of Nickel-Cadmium and Nickel-metal Hydride solutions. The lack of toxic materials used in LiFePo4 batteries bring the added benefit of environmental and health safety. Most importantly LiFePo4 technology has been shown to lose very little energy in a 2 year shelf life test while fully charged and unused.

All our cameras include

  • Rebirth Certificate
  • Charger
  • Battery/Flash instruction manual
  • Original Manual


Detailed restoration process

The only differences in restoration that you will find from the deluxe/Premium models is the Flash modifications and Internal lens cleaning.

  • Fully clean entire body
  • Viewfinder disassembled and cleaned
  • Touch-up paint on any chips to avoid future corrosion
  • Clean Battery box
  • Install new battery wiring
  • Replace light seal foam
  • Install “Cold Shoe” on top of camera body (Deluxe Model Only)
  • Disassemble lens housing, clean “electronic eye” light meter (Deluxe Model Only)
  • Modify shutter for x-sync flash (Deluxe Model Only)
  • Clean and Lubricate internal lenses and shutter mechanics (Deluxe Model Only)
  • Check Lens for scratching or fogging
  • Test battery operation and shutter speeds against known camera
  • Check bellows for light-tightness
  • UV treatment on bellows
  • Lubricate all joints
  • Check Range finder focus with ground glass
  • Test flash functionality (Deluxe Model Only)
  • Test photo
  • Charge Battery
  • Clean Rollers, test for wear
Features Elemental Model Standard Model Classic Model Deluxe Model Premium Model
Battery Charger (and battery) yes yes yes yes yes
“Care and Feeding” guide for battery/flash yes yes yes yes yes
Re-Birth Certificate yes yes yes yes yes
Polaroid Model 100/240 yes
Polaroid Model 360 yes
Polaroid Model 250 yes yes yes
Zeiss-Ikon large or small viewfinder yes yes
Flash Included yes
Flash x-sync capability / modification yes yes
Hot-shoe / sync cable kit yes yes
Hand-made “Gordy’s” camera strap yes
See Add-ons above

User guide download

  • Updated guide for your new camera
  • Care and feeding of the battery
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Printed version comes with every camera


Your Polaroid Color Pack Camera

  • Original Polaroid book
  • 25 pages, full color guide
  • 30 Picture-taking ideas


All of our cameras are BUILT TO ORDER. Depending on current order volume,  camera orders can take up to three weeks to ship.

We will email you with an estimated ship date within two days of placing your order