Classic Model 360

The Classic Model 360 is our take on an original. The unique Polaroid Model 360 was the only folding pack film camera ever produced that had an electronic flash. We've given it our rechargeable treatment! Both the camera and the flash now use the same small pocket sized charger, perfect for location shoots or vacations.

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Elemental Model

By popular demand, we now offer the 'Elemental Model'. This camera is identical to our Standard Model 250 in all ways with a few key differences. Featuring our one of a kind LiFePo4 rechargeable battery system.

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Premium Model

The Premium Model is identical to our Deluxe Model with an added bonus. A brand new hand made leather strap from GordysCameraStraps.com. As with all our cameras we've added the rechargeable battery system, plus with Deluxe and Premium Models, the ability for the photographer to use strobes and electronic flash units.

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Standard Model

The Standard Model embodies the core of what makes a LandCameras.com camera unique; the most advanced power system in an antique camera. This camera will produce a wide range of images depending on the film and techniques used. With older, expired Polaroid brand films it will produce dreamy color-shifted photos.

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Deluxe Model

The Deluxe Model is our current top of the line, full featured camera. The defining feature of the Deluxe Model is the ability to use modern electronic x-sync flash units.

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