Customized SX-70 Skins


Cameras designed for the band The LumineersLaser etching on leather is a delicate process, but the results are stunning. We’ve built custom cameras for musicians such as Jack White, Nick Cave, The Lumineers and Pearl Jam. After two years developing the technique, we are ready to open it up to you!

The process of creating laser ready files requires a Vector based image. On a transparent background, the laser machine can scale and perfectly orient the image atop the leather pieces.

If you have the ability, we welcome finished vector files to be submitted. If we don’t need to modify the file, there is no design and layout charge. We do suggest that you utilize our design team and expertise if you do not have the appropriate software or knowledge to create your own digital file.

To keep order and convenience, we work on designs and submit them to be etched once every 2-3 weeks. Normally it takes us a few days to work out a design with you. Sending drafts and ideas back and forth takes some time. If you’d like to purchase one of our designs, see our regular SX-70 skins page.

Pearl Jam custom SX-70
Custom SX-70 made for Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam

The Process

The Raven
Design made for musician Jack White


1. Collect images or ideas and use the contact form below. We’ll start the discussion about the design.

2. You can send us your camera, or one of our restored models. If you choose to purchase one of ours, we offer a discount on the cost of the camera.

3. Our design services are by the hour, expect that it will take us around 1 1/2 hours to design your new skin.


1. Download our pre-formatted vector template and example .zip file.
2. Place your design in the file, the graphics used must be vectorized. This means it must have the ability to scale up or down without losing resolution. Make sure the design is placed on a separate layer than the skin outline. This allows us to align and then turn off the layer when it is projected onto the leather. The resulting image will be produced in black only, lasers burn in black and no color will be rendered. If you use fonts, make sure that you vectorize by creating outlines.

3. Submit your file using the form below.

4. We’ll review your design and make any changes or contact you about the design.

5. Once the design is complete and ready for the laser we will contact you about payment.

6. You can send us your camera, or one of our restored models. If you choose to purchase one of ours, we offer a discount on the cost of the camera.



Laser Etching - $130 

Includes your choice of leather or wood and etching. If you've designed your own, this is the only cost to you. Be sure to download ourl template and provide your copyright-free artwork to us in vector format.

Complete Packages from $450 

Includes an SX-70 Camera of your choice, Design services, Leather and Etching. If you've designed your own, price will be adjusted.

Design Services - $75/hr 

We help you with consulting and design of your new SX-70 leather. Give us ideas and the general feel of what you'd like and we'll make you a one-of-a-kind skin. Generally total design costs are around $150.


Submit your finished .ai file or contact us about help with a custom design.

Design Submission

Acceptable file types: ai,jpg,jpeg,.
Maximum file size: 5mb.