Fuji FP-3000b

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  • Cameras:Pack Film
  • Type: B&W
  • ISO: 3000

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Fuji FP-3000b

This is the last batch of fuji FP-3000b produced. It has an expiration date of 12/14.

As of 4/01/2014 it has arrived at our store! We have shipped out all the preorders and are now opening up ordering to anyone. Any orders over qty 10 will be refunded. Please limit orders to 10 packs or less.

Polaroid films fall under two categories, ‘pack film’ and ‘integral film’. While the process and the general principle were the same, the look of the films couldn’t be more different. Fuji FP-3000b is a Black & White peel-apart pack film with an ISO speed rating of 3000. This amazingly fast film is perfect for every situation where you need the look and drama that a true B&W photo can bring.

FP-3000b’s ability to produce photos of superb quality makes this film ideal for a range of uses. The sharpness and clarity is near digital in quality, truly the perfection of what Polaroid started so many years ago. This film , designed for use at temperatures between 10°C and 30°C (50°F and 95°F), but yields best results at 25°C (77°F). For best results, be sure to observe the suggested development times and temperatures after pulling out the film sheet.