Land Cameras

Bellows Replacement: $55 (black – 250, 350, 360 etc) $45 (grey, 100, 240 etc)

The bellows in your camera will inevitably wear out over time. Whether you have a pinhole or the internal cloth layer has separated, it is time for new bellows. Because there are no new original bellows being made for these cameras, another camera has to die to supply its bellows to yours. We test all replacements before and after installing them into your camera. Black Bellows are slightly more expensive as they’re a bit harder to come by.

Rechargeable Battery Upgrade: $50

At the core of every one of our cameras lies rechargeable battery technology. Utilizing Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries, LifePo4 provides the advantages that are necessary for a camera like this. Polaroid pack film cameras use power in two places; the light sensor and the magnetic shutter. Power draw from these two systems is low enough that a single alkaline battery can last a year or more with normal usage. Most normal rechargeable batteries have a full charge shelf life of less than 3 months. This means that you’d have to recharge your camera even if you were’t using it. LiFePo4 technology does not contain any heavy metals and does not exhibit the memory effect of Nickel-Cadmium and Nickel-metal Hydride solutions. The lack of toxic materials used in LiFePo4 batteries bring the added benefit of environmental and health safety. Most importantly LiFePo4 technology has been shown to lose very little energy in a 2 year shelf life test while fully charged and unused. Included with the upgrade is a complete cleaning, de-rust and rewiring of the battery box.

Flash Upgrade: $60

This is the modification we provide in our Deluxe and Premium models. Altering the timing of the flash trigger mechanism for better compatibility with all electronic flashes. Whether its a studio strobe or on-camera flash, your camera will fire the flash at the correct time when using electronic flash units. Like the professional model 180 and 195′s we’ve added a simple ‘Cold Shoe’ to the top of your camera. Here you can mount a flash, or Hot Shoe that will trigger a single flash unit or an array of studio lights. This modification does not provide any feedback to the camera or through the flash, or ttl metering. You will still have to provide the correct flash power for the exposure.

basic clean, lube, adjust: $35

Think of this like a basic checkup and tuning for your camera. We will lubricate the joints, check and adjust the exposure, clean rollers and body of the camera. If we see anything else along the way that is going to be a problem we’ll let you know.

Full Restoration: $90

The Full Restoration service involves a near total tear-down and restoration of your camera. This is the level of service that we restore all of our models to. In general, we spend 2 – 2 1/2 hours with your camera restoring it to its full potential. The service includes the following: Complete cleaning and de-greasing treatment, De-Rust or sand any corrosion off, Paint all the parts that need painting, Adjusting and lubricating all the external moving parts, Lens housing disassembly and cleaning of all lens elements, Test focus adjust rangefinder if necessary, test and adjust exposure if necessary.


SX-70 Cameras


General Tune-up and testing: $50

Just bought a new SX-70 from eBay? We can clean and test your camera. We use Impossible Project film to test your camera and give you a report

Full Tune-up (disassemble + clean + adjust + test + leather replacement): $135

This is what we do to the SX-70 cameras we sell at Rare Medium and here online. It’s a full disassembly and cleaning and restoration. Sometimes we replace parts or repair internals that have worn past service life. You get to choose your leather color!

Roller Replacement for SLR 680/690 models (includes General tuneup + Leather): $140

When the 680/690 models were produced in the 80’s and 90’s a different type of rollers were used than the original 1970’s SX-70 cameras. Not a big deal with original Polaroid film, but the new Impossible Project film has issues with the newer rollers. It leaves dry spots, divots and undeveloped patches. By any name these are frustrating. Lucky for us, we can swap out the rollers! It requires us to remove the faux leather on the camera so while we’re in there we will do a little tuneup and testing for you as well. The cost is fairly high, but shooting 600 speed film with an SX-70 is worth it!

Leather Replacement: $50 (Leather, original models) $60 (models with faux leather)

We strip off the old covering and replace it with high quality new leather. We have a wide variety of colors and textures available. We will contact you about what we have available at the time we are working on your camera.



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We also do work on the professional models, 180, 190, 195. From Bellows replacement to shutter CLA (addressing the slow shutter speed issue of the 180) to complete restoration. We also offer these cameras for sale by special request. Please use the general contact form for sales inquiries.

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