Cable Release #191


Product Features

  • Compatibility: All original land cameras
  • Cable Length: About 12″
  • Polaroid Model #: 191

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Cable Release #191

All metal bodied cameras come with tripod sockets. This means you can take extended time exposures with your camera. As we know even a very sturdy tripod will shake when you push that button. A cable release solves this issue by pushing the button for you.

What is a Cable Release?

Cable Releases are the mechanisms attached to cameras that allow photographers to snap photos from a distance. Generally attached to a camera atop a tripod, a cable release consists of a wire, extending from the camera, that has a button trigger at the end of it. The photographer holds the button end of the cable and presses to trigger the camera shutter to take a photo.
Cable releases, along with tripods, are best used for film that needs longer light exposure. When the photographer wants to eliminate the possibility of the camera shaking, he may use a tripod and a cable release.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 in
Land Camera

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