Elemental Model


The Elemental Model is identical to our Standard Model 250 in all ways with a few key differences. We base our Elemental Model on two different original Polaroid™ models the Model 100 and 240, which came equipped with the Two-Window rangefinder.


Fuji FP-100c

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This camera is identical to our Standard Model 250 in all ways with a few key differences.

What is the difference?

Why then is the Standard Model 250 so much more sought after? Two-Window rangefinder Traditionally the Model 250 has been the pinnacle of the automatic Polaroid Pack Film collector’s desire. As you can see in the images above the differences are minimal, namely Color and Viewfinder. The Second-Generation Model 250 came equipped with a silver Zeiss-Ikon single window viewfinder which allows the photographer to not take his eye of the subject when focusing. While we find this feature handy, it is less accurate than the Two-Window version that comes with the Elemental.

The only other visible difference between the Model 250 and Models 100/240 is the color of the bellows. While we tend to agree, the black does look sharper and less dated, there is no functional difference whatsoever. In 1967, when Polaroid introduced the Model 200 series cameras, they simply renamed the previous Model 100 to 240; The cameras are identical except in name. We will take requests if you prefer one model over another, otherwise we don’t make any distinction between the two cameras.

Additional information

Weight 60 oz
Dimensions 8.5 x 6 x 5.5 in

Polaroid™ Automatic 100 Land Camera or Polaroid™ Automatic 240 Land Camera


Plastic Clamshell, Owners Manual, Battery, Charger


Our Rechargeable battery embodies the core of what makes a LandCameras.com camera unique. Our rechargeable power system is a drop-in replacement for the original 532 and 531 batteries. We use LiFePO4 batteries that are the latest evolution of Lithium battery technology. With a shelf life of over a year between charges, be confident your camera will take a photo when you ask it to. Many AAA replacement modifications require cutting and removing plastic from the inside of the battery box. Our battery system snaps right into the existing battery holder. We don’t cut out any plastic or modify the body in any way. We do add a quick connector to the wiring in the case need to remove the battery ever arose.


Polaroid™ 2-Window style or choose at checkout


Aluminum with grey bellows

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