Lens Hood


Product Features

  • Compatibility: Must be used with 49mm filter adapter
  • Cameras: 180, 190, 195
  • Type: 49mm lens hood

Filter Ring Adapter

Enables any 49mm filter or accessory to be used with your 180/190/195 camera


Lens hood for professional models

The lens hood/shade for professional models (180, 190, 195) was something that was originally supplied with the #595 filter kit for these cameras.
Here in the 21st century we offer you this, a collapsible rubber lens hood. Used for protection and most of all cutting down on lens flare and contrast killing stray light. We’ve noticed that under bright sun these camera tend to flare quite a bit. While at times this is a wanted effect, many times it is an unpleasant surprise when you peel your photos.

We also offer more elegant Black and Silver aluminum models.

49mm Lens Hood

What’s with the lens thread sizes?

Polaroid chose to use a 45mm thread on these lenses. Unfortunately this size is very odd in the world of photo filters and accessories. To accommodate this thread size, we provide an adapter that will step up the size to the very common 49mm.

This hood screws onto the lens of your camera when coupled with the thread adapter. We offer the lens hood as a separate piece or shipped with the thread adapter for your camera. If you have purchased the “Professional Portrait Kit” from us in the past, you do not need the adapter. It was included and you can now use any 49mm filter.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 3 x 3 x 3 in

Rubber, Black (metal), Silver (metal)

Professional Model

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