Two-Window Portrait Kit


Product Features

  • Compatibility: 2 Window VF
  • Focus Range: 19″ – 42″
  • Lens type: Glass, Slip-on style
  • Polaroid Model #: 541 or 581

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Zeiss-Ikon Portrait KitNormally your camera can focus only as close as 3 1/2 feet. With this “Goggles” and “Lens” kit your camera can focus on subjects as close as 19 inches. The Portrait kit is great for head and torso shots with your folding pack film camera. This kit will allow you to be 19″ away from your subject, and up to 42″ at its maximum focus distance. The normal closest distance without this kit is 42″.

There are several different model numbers for Portrait Kits, but they mainly only differ in the type of ‘goggles’ included (Polaroid RF or Zeiss RF) and which flash diffuser(s) is/are included. Therefore, you may find a given Portrait kit is perfectly usable with your camera even though it isn’t specifically listed as one of the models intended for it. To make things even more confusing, the later versions of these Kits were sold as ‘combined’ models (with, say, all of the possible flash diffusers) and labeled with all of the different accessory numbers which they replaced. Incidently, none of the Kits will work with low-end models having a two-element lens. Also, none of the Kits are intended for use with the cheaper triplet-lens models that have a non-folding RF/viewfinder (i.e. the 330) as the ‘goggles’ won’t fit- but we reckon you could make do with a ruler and some careful parallax estimation.

Polaroid 2 window: “Polaroid Kit” Kit numbers include: 541, 581. The kits are essentially the same, so we will ship you either one.

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 4 x 4 x 3 in
Focus Range

19" – 42"


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