Rainbow Mustache for the OneStep2


Add the classic Rainbow Mustache to your OneStep2 camera

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No Polaroid is complete without the signature rainbow!

So you just got your new OneStep2 camera and thought there is just something missing eh? Clearly it’s missing the rainbow!

Customize your OneStep2 with a high quality aluminum sticker designed just for your camera. Printed on waterproof vinyl, and clear coated for durability. The aluminum backing will help keep the sticker molded to the contours for a nice, durable fit.



bending the mustache to shape before sticking

1. The Rainbow Mustache has an aluminum backing, so it will retain the shape it’s bent into. First thing to do before removing the back from the sticker is to place the curved end of the sticker under the center of the lens. Bend the sticker in place to mold to the contours of your One Step 2 camera. Verify that the lines are straight.

2. Clean the face of your OneStep 2 camera with an alcohol wipe for best adhesion. Don’t touch it with your fingers after you’ve done this.

3. Remove the protective backing from the sticker and repeat the same steps as above. Placing the curved end under the lens first, then with light pressure push the sticker into place. Try to do it in one attempt.

4. When you’re satisfied with the placement: Using firm pressure stick the mustache in place. Don’t scrape it or use anything that might damage the sticker. Enjoy!

Additional information

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Dimensions 1 x 2 x 0.01 in