Polaroid™ SLR 680


Product Specifications

• Restored Polaroid™ SLR 680 camera
• Type: Folding SLR instant camera
• Lens: 4-element 116mm f/8 glass lens
• Minimum focus: 10.4 inches
• Aperture: Aperture range f/8 – f/90
• Shutter: Electronic variable speed/aperture shutter
• Autofocus: Via Polaroid™ Sonar AF system*
• Has AF “preview” available before exposure*
• Has switch for full manual focus
• Low-light warning in viewfinder*
• Built-in automatic electronic flash*
• Flash automatically tilts to focus distance*
• Exposure times: Shutter speeds from >10 sec to 1/175
• Film: Uses Impossible Color and B/W 600 films*

* Differences between SX-70 cameras and the SLR 680

In stock

Body Color *

Choose the color of the main camera body

Viewfinder Style *

We offer an upgrade to allow easier manual focus. Split window focus screen as the older SX-70 cameras had


Smooth Black is the original look.
For the other choices see our Skins page

Color 600 Film

Add film for a discounted price when you buy a camera

B/W 600 Film


The Polaroid™ SLR 680 camera, classic, and one of a kind. Building upon the photographic masterpiece of the SX-70, the 680 was a refresh of the product line released in the early 1980s.

Polaroid™ SLR 680While technically not a SX-70 camera, the SLR 680 shares the majority of its components and functionality. Produced from 1982 on throughout the 1980s, the SLR 680 (and SE variants) is an updated and more modern take on the SX-70 of the ’70s. Adding the ability to use the new 600 speed films brought the SX-70 into a new realm of usability. SX-70 cameras use film that has an ISO rating of 100, a real hindrance to taking photos indoors without flash. Not only is 600 speed film 2 1/2 stops faster, the SLR 680 also includes a focused flash that can be enabled or disabled. Furthermore, an autofocus system was added, enabling quick and convenient switching between traditional manual focus for precision. The Polaroid™ Sonar Autofocus system was an innovative feature that uses sound waves to determine focus. Focus is near instant, unmatched even in today’s modern digital SLR systems. The one drawback to the Sonar system is windows and glass; sound bounces off of any solid surface even if it is clear.

What makes our SLR 680 Unique?

LandCameras.com and our retail store, Rare Medium are unique as the Polaroids™ we love. Because of that relationship with the cameras we love, we go the extra mile. Other outlets offer SLR 680 cameras that are “refurbished”. Meaning they purchase the cameras from online marketplaces, clean the dirt from the external surfaces, and lubricate the external gears and test the camera. Here, we go the extra mile restoring your new camera. Like our legendary Land Cameras, we completely disassemble and meticulously restore your new SLR 680. Polaroid™ designed the SX-70 body styles to be only disassembled when the leather panels are removed. We take the step to remove old leather and source new, matched real leather panels, ensuring that your new camera is looking as good as it was in the 1970s. To restore the SX-70, we test all internal electronics, shutter operation, clean all the internal lens surfaces and lubricate all the internal gears and motor.

Throughout the production of the SLR 680, Polaroid™ offered a few variations and trim styles. Some are labled simply ‘SLR 680’ while others are ‘SLR 680 SE’. The variations, are simply just age and year of production. You may receive any one of these above model names, but rest assured there is no photographic or mechanical differences. If you’d like a specific model, please contact us and we may be able to accommodate your request.

To further customize your new SLR 680 we offer an upgrade to the traditional split-window design of the SX-70. Sonar autofocus cameras came without the split focus aide in the viewfinder for some reason. We offer the option to replace it to aide in manual focus shots

Want your new SLR 680 to be truly one of a kind? See our laser etched customization services. You may choose any color or texture of leather along with a custom design!

Additional information

Weight 62 oz
Dimensions 7 x 6 x 5 in

Smooth Black Leather, Textured Black Leather, Cherry Wood, Textured White, Tan

Body Color

Black, Silver, White

Viewfinder Style

Default, Split Window Focus


Black Neck Strap

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