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Like our Deluxe Model, the Standard Model is based on the Polaroid Model 250. Featuring an immaculately restored body and all new rechargeable battery system, the Standard Model will serve you for years of use.

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Fuji FP-100c

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We take pride in each camera rebirth; up to 4 hours of cleaning, and care goes into each camera restoration. Whether you’re interested in a Standard, Deluxe, or Classic Model all cameras pass the same rigorous quality testing before we invest the time and effort into restoration.

With the 114mm f/8.8 3-element glass lens, the depth of field will be pleasing at portrait distances, and clear enough further away to produce great scenery photos.

Choose your preferred rangefinder: We offer a choice of all the available rangefinder options. The Zeiss-Ikon small port comes with the standard model. All rangefinders work well, though the samll version provides a stronger overlay vs the large viewport. The 2-window version applies a slight magnification allowing for more accurate focus, as well as no horizontal parallax. If you choose to go with the 2-window version, and are interested in a portrait or close-up kit, be sure to select the correct model.

Additional information

Weight 60 oz
Dimensions 8.5 x 6 x 5.5 in

Polaroid™ Automatic 250 Land Camera


Plastic Clamshell, Owners Manual, Battery, Charger


Our Rechargeable battery embodies the core of what makes a camera unique. Our rechargeable power system is a drop-in replacement for the original 532 and 531 batteries. We use LiFePO4 batteries that are the latest evolution of Lithium battery technology. With a shelf life of over a year between charges, be confident your camera will take a photo when you ask it to. Many AAA replacement modifications require cutting and removing plastic from the inside of the battery box. Our battery system snaps right into the existing battery holder. We don’t cut out any plastic or modify the body in any way. We do add a quick connector to the wiring in the case need to remove the battery ever arose.


Zeiss-Ikon (standard) or choose at check out


Aluminum with black bellows

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