Wood SX-70 Covering


New Cherry wood panels for your SX-70 camera. We individually sand and finish each panel with boiled linseed oil. Optionally we offer a clear, lacquer coating for further protection.



Hand finished real cherry wood panels made to fit your SX-70. Take your SX-70 to the next level of customization!

Want your camera to stand out of the crowd? Cover it in our luxurious, unique Cherry Wood covering. Each set is matched and hand finished by us with boiled linseed oil. We use 4 coats to insure the durability and luster will last. We also offer a version with a lacquer coating on top of the linseed finish for added durability. The lacquer coating does change the feel of the covering. After applying the lacquer coating, the texture is similar to plastic instead of natural wood.

Guaranteed to fit all SX-70, SLR 680/690 and Sonar models (except Model 3)
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We offer two finish options:

  • Linseed finish
  • Linseed + Lacquer

Additionally, if you have a model that includes a Tripod hole, we offer these with a cutout to accommodate it.

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 14 x 8 x 0.2 in

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